Adeleine Blackman



After Studying at Chichester University, Adeleine worked part time in a gym with a Physiotherapist on a self employed basis, she got fantastic experience and then moved to Somerset and started up her own business in 2007, working full time and never looked back.

Adeleine Blackman

She loved sport from a young age so knew early on that she wanted to work within the sports/leisure industry.

She was gymnast for many years from the age of 5 and even got to represent UK in the General Gymnastic team in European comps and festivals of 1995.



It went from there to being a part of the Surrey County Netball and competing nationally to club tennis, golf, cricket, athletics, trampolining etc… now she just basketball for fun and to keep a good level of cardiovascular fitness. Pilates is also a passion of Adeleine’s and share the pilates ethic within her rehabilitation work.


Adeleine is passionate about her work, making people better and teaching them how to take care of their bodies. She loves

working in a team (despite being self employed) the team at Vibe Fitness have a good work ethic, ‘ I’m proud to be working alongside them, and it’s great to be in a workplace where we are all eager to further our knowledge’


Adeleines core principals are when it comes to aches and pains, many of us are very good at soldiering on. However, whether it’s ignoring the problem or resorting to extreme over the counter measures, masking pain is only a temporary measure and can often lead to further discomfort and more serious injuries further down the line. She believes with the right plan and execution of exercise it will work.


Fully qualified Sports Therapist Adeleine Blackman BSc. (HONS) MSST offers a greater alternative to this, with many years experience in practicing specialised treatment techniques that find and resolve the routes of problems. She provides a complete service in treating injuries that occur in daily activities as well as sport.


She has treated some of the Yeovil Town Football players, a British Superbiker and a Dame, just to name a few.

Winner in Town

Winner in Town

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