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This Time saving Focused workout makes the most of out of your time, whether you need a stretch or want to work on that torso. Their 20 minute express workouts are another option to consider supplementing your training, using the power plate to speed your training up. The workouts are tailor made to you, from as little at £5.00.

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How can I get results in only 20 minutes?

Our ETS sessions use the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or HIT (High Intensity Training) method which was recently publicised on BBC’s Horizon program by Dr Michael Moseley. In the program he followed an exercise programme of 3 bursts of all out exercise on a static bike for 20 seconds each followed by up to 2 minutes off recovery 3 times per week.


After 4 weeks (12 minutes of intense exercise) he increased his insulin sensitivity by 24%, which will help prevent fat storage, aid weight loss and most importantly reduce the risk of Diabetes. HIIT has been proven to be even more beneficial in sessions 9-20 minutes in length, making the body more likely to adapt and improve it’s aerobic capacity.


We also specialise in designing Power Plate programs, which has been proven to deliver amazing results in as little as 15 minutes 3 times per week. Power Plate sessions follow a superset format which will get you working your lower body and then immediately after your upper body before a short rest. This will trigger an action known as peripheral heat action which starts a ‘shunting’ process where the blood needs to get from the legs to the arms causing the heart to work harder, in turn burning more calories during and after the workout. Add this to the fact that the Power Plate activates 95-97% of muscle fibres, you can’t fail


There are many formats for the interval sessions including sprints as short as 6 seconds,  sessions will be tailored to your needs. Below are some examples of our ETS sessions.

Watt Bike 20 minute ETS protocol:

Warm up: 3 minutes 70rpm (revolutions per minute)

Steady increase: 1 minute 75rpm
1 minute 85rpm
1 minute 95rpm
1 minute 70rpm

HIIT section: 6 seconds Max RPM followed by 50 seconds rest

Repeat this up to 10 times

Warm Down: 3 minutes 70rpm

Power Plate ETS protocol:

Warm up: 5 minutes Power Plate stretching

Workout: Squat 30 seconds – Press Up 30 seconds – Rest 30 seconds – Repeat 2-3 x

Lunge 30 seconds – triceps Dip 30 seconds – Rest 30 seconds – Repeat 2-3 x

Crunch 30 seconds – Plank 30 seconds – Rest 30 seconds – Repeat 2-3 x

Warm down: 3-5 minutes of Power Plate Massage

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