Power Plate Bath

What is the Power Plate?

You’ve probably already heard but just in case it’s the hottest fitness system around!
Power Plate is seen as the market leader and premium product in the Vibration Training market and Vibe Fitness Bath uses the top of the range ‘Power Plate pro5 AIRDAPTIVE’ enabling the team to train clients of all shapes, sizes and abilities whether it be recreational fitness to professional athletes.

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Who Uses Power Plate?

Kylie & Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Elle Macpherson to name but a few celebrities who are regular users of the Power Plate. It has become the most talked about celebrity workout in recent years and has shown that it can achieve fast results and keep their bodies in top shape in minimal time, which is perfect for their Hectic lifestyles.

Power Plate is also the secret weapon of top athletes such as the Manchester United and Chelsea football teams, Colin Montgomery, Lee Westwood and Colin Jackson MBE. Power Plate allows them to achieve impressive results with low impact exercises allowing the athletes to increase their flexibility, train sooner after injury and aid recovery.

What’s the history of the Power Plate?

The muscle-activation technique through vibration was initially studied by Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov; it found application in the Russian space program helping to prevent astronauts’ muscles and bones wasting in space. A commercial version of the machine was marketed by Guus van der Meer and others since 1999 under the name Power Plate.

How Does Power Plate Work?

Power-Plate generates natural stretch reflex

The human body has natural reflexes such as the eye-lid reflex, the touch reflex and the stretch reflex. The stretch reflex is what occurs when a doctor taps your knee with a hammer, this causes a reflex that extends the leg. The Power-Plate generates a continuous special stretch reflex called the Tonic Vibration Reflex in all involved muscles.

Power-Plate generates 30 to 50 reflexes per second

The special vibrating platform stretches the muscles, which activate Tonic Vibration Reflexes. Because the Power-Plate vibrates at 30 to 50 times per second, these involuntary muscle contractions happen at the same speed.

Power-Plate activates 95% to 97% of the muscle fibres

Not only will your muscles contract and relax at very high speed, but also the amount of muscle fibres in every single muscle involved exceeds the amount of muscle tissue utilised in regular training. For most people in conventional training, a maximum of 40% of the muscle fibres per muscle are recruited.

The Power-Plate vibrations recruit between 95% and 97% of the muscle fibres. This also means that the deeper posture and stabilizing muscles (such as the spinal muscles and the pelvic basin muscle) that are normally hard to train, can be stimulated. But how does this reflex create stronger muscles and increase fitness and health?

Power-Plate changes the acceleration factor

For years we tried to become stronger and healthier through weight training. Adding extra weight made the muscles adapt to this heavier load and become stronger. This is what the Greeks did in ancient times and this is what we still do. Now there is Power-Plate, where we change the acceleration factor instead of the weight with much less strain on the ligaments and muscular-skeletal system and no more long exhausting sessions.

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