The Story behind Vibe Fitness Bath and how the Wattbike began. Simon introduced this training option to Vibe Fitness Bath services, he had been teaching many spin classes up to the end of 2010 and raising money for charity with 8 hour Spinathons, managing raise over £10,000 over 5 years.

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He then wanted more accurate information to work with his clients and for his own training, he found the regular exercise bike could only take him so far. He was then introduced to the WattBike and since the Olympics 2012 the cycling inspired him to purchase his first road bike, it wasn’t long until Paul caught the bug and now you can see them going for occasional hack up the hills of Bath on their lunch breaks.


If you’re searching for ways to improve your own performance to even challenging Olympic champions or just want a realistic ride without having to go out in the rain, Wattbike can take you there, It will certainly boost your fitness levels. If you enjoy spinning and are looking to excel out on the road or track, then this will take you to the next level. The Wattbike monitors everything you need to know about your cycling and will help to track progress.


The Wattbike Board at Vibe Fitness Bath will give you the chance to anaylise your performance, rank yourself against other members and to monitor your power output, cadence, heart rate and the effectiveness of your pedalling. The Software that comes with the bike gives each rider an extraordinary range of monitoring that was previously only available to the world’s top cyclists.These means of recording such accurate data will aid in Rehab, push Athletes to new heights and for those technophobes to look at improving their stats with every pedal being closely monitored.


The WattBike facility that Vibe Fitness Bath has created is the only facility in Bath, they work with a hand full of cyclists, triathletes and knee rehab clients.The feedback has been overwhelming with the latest client completing Ironman Wales with over 8000ft of climbing. The WattBike allows for focussed training on technique, hills, cadence and measuring Heart rate. The WattBike can be found in many sports clubs Bath Rugby, Leicester, Gloucester, Newcastle, Saracens and Exeter.


They’re big at the Chiefs, Crusaders and Blues over in New Zealand. Sir Chris Hoy is one of the top operators astride one, and the American women’s rowing team love them because they are great for reducing cellulite. Olympic champions such as Jessica Ennis and of course all the British Cycling team member Bradley Wiggins to name a few. Race Settings at Vibe Fitness Bath gives a chance for riders to race each other, over tailor made distances. So weather its a sprint distance or over longer it brings a competitive edge to training.


The opportunity for work colleagues to race each other or for clubs to book out the studio to race each other in the winter or when the weather is bad is how the facility can be used. The Wattbike board boasts a number of challenges for riders to come have a go to see where they measure up.

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Winner in Town

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