Extreme Team Triathlon


Extreme Team Triathlon


It all started in 2013 during a night out, when a few of us competitive, like-minded people thought about a challenge to see how far we could go in a 24-hour relay on the bike!


Then Eddy and Paul piped up:


“How about 1000k in 24 hours?”


That’s the equivalent of cycling to Amsterdam and Back from Bath as the crow flies!  Once calculated this would mean that each interval would have to be holding 41.6k for 5 minutes.  A challenge, repeated throughout the team of 10, over 10 times each.


Well, we managed it with seconds to spare, so, on to the next great idea!…


March 14th – 15th 2014:

Another team challenge, the question was asked:


“Can we do something harder?”


This year it was a more calculated affair, and with our passion for triathlon, it was only natural that this was going to cross-over at some stage.  We took inspiration from one of our clients who completed a Triple Ironman in 63 hours.  We wondered if we could do a Triple Ironman as a team of 12 in 24 hours?  Two more members of #TeamVibe were recruited!

A world class professional athlete completes 1 Ironman in 8 hours… we would have to put in our best efforts.


Paul got to work calculating:

Get in the pool and try and swim 1 min 35 seconds for 100m;

the total for our challenge is a 3-hour swim pace of  1:35 per 100m!


Then either get on your bike or next time you get in the car,

try travelling at 27.3mph – 12 hours bike pace at 45kmph (27mph)!


Finally, a 9 hour run at a pace of 8.75 mph (6:52 minute miles)!

#Team Vibe

Extreme Team Triathlon

Will take place in 3 locations:

The Swim (Bath Sports Centre)

Kindly, the Sports Centre have given us use of a lane for a period of 3 hours to complete the 2.4 mile swim.  This time limit puts added pressure on us to complete the distance before the swimming clubs start that evening.  We need slick change overs and some elaborate diving to gain extra time.  Joey has even been practicing his tumble turns!  We have invested in a counter because losing count of what we have done is possible and we all know Personal Trainers can’t count.  Our method of 1 more just wouldn’t be doing us any favours here!  As soon as the swim has been completed, we transition straight to Vibe Fitness HQ.

The Bike (Vibe Fitness HQ)

Like last year, we will have 2 watt bikes ready for action, whilst upstairs the chillout area with Adeleine Blackman (one of our resident Sports Massage Therapists) on hand to keep us on top form.  We will be going over night, no doubt motivation levels at this point will be tested especially as sleep deprivation starts to kick in.  Slick changes are needed, and tallying up the metres completed every 5 minutes, our Efficiency Man; Eddy, will let us know exactly where we are.


  • 12 hours in the saddle
  • Extreme intervals
  • 5 mins 90 % effort followed by 45 minutes recovery
  • 336 miles


The Run (Southgate, Bath)

At the start of the year we were struggling to find a way of doing the run, until a client suggested we look online at an auction for old gym kit, so now we have a fully operational treadmill.


Here goes: 3 marathons in 9 hours


This will be by far the hardest part, on little or no sleep, with tired legs.  We will be situated opposite the Apple Store under our gazebo. On hand we now have Mike Goodell our other therapist to aid us through the last third of the challenge.


#Team Vibe

Extreme Team Triathlon


During 2014 we have been raising money for WellChild, and have already raised


      over £4000


Our target by the end of this event is to smash through




We would appreciate all the support we can get… the starting gun fires at


4.30pm on Friday 14th March

If you would like to donate please visit here:




Check out live updates here:



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