Running a PB for Bath half

Were you ever taught to run?


Well, we at Vibe Fitness have been busy these last couple of months seeking cycling and running experiences to share with you all…


It was a Sunday morning; whilst most of us would be in bed, we were up and venturing towards the outskirts of Bristol.  We hopped in the car and were on our way, not quite knowing what to expect from the half day workshop and with whom we may be mingling: lean mean Mo Farah’s or Brownlee wanna-be’s.  We arrived and were welcomed by Neil with a rather deep scottish accent and a firm hand shake to follow – the type of handshake that really asserts authority.  We knew straight away that this guy would certainly have a few running tales to tell.  After James “Mr Kinetic Revolution” Dunne introduced himself (for you Twitter peeps has a considerable following), the fountain of running knowledge started to cascade.


We went over all the necessaries: injuries; aches and pains, recent races.  I’m sure coffee was mentioned a few times at this point and how it was vital for function on a Sunday.  After the introduction by James, quite a big guy at 100kg, 6ft 3”, not your typical runner shape, gave us an outline of what we were going to be up to for the next 3 hours.


So we got stuck in; firstly the warm up.  He got us to run 2 laps around the track whilst Neil and he pointed and chatted.  I could see straight away that there were many different running styles, and from my job I knew at this point he wouldn’t be able to instantly give solutions individually.  The workshop wasn’t designed to be personally tailored but to address more general running issues.  This was aided by the experience he had gained from amongst his athletes, the methods he had tried and the fact that what might work for one athlete might not work for another.  James went through a particular set of movements, then got us to run emphasizing different parts of the body (e.g. run with your knees up, then run emphasizing your heels being pulled up by a piece of string behind you).  It felt like it had purpose.  Then we thought about the body firing different muscles and then everything working together; thus cementing the importance of warming up.  He also went through each part of the body responsible for forward propulsion.  After these series of moves I certainly started to feel more balanced and especially more open in the hips, which is vital in creating a more efficient running style.  Linking back to our previous blog posts about how sitting for long periods is detrimental to how we move, this was emphasized in analysis of different running stances.


Coming away from the 3 hours with Kinetic Revolution (as a runner and Personal Trainer) was all in all very useful time spent to improve my own running ability as well as at a teaching level.  Biomechanical knowledge was cemented but I gained more from his coaching experience tales and his thinking and analysing processes on how we move, the order and timing in which we move, and how this has such a big affect on form, as we run.  I also gained insights on how the muscles in turn started to work together to increase efficiency, smooth ability of strides and that each running revolution had to undergo scrutiny by processing the information James was putting across.  Ultimately, we are all seeking for an optimal energy-efficient style; a style that on the day induced heavy breathing, but scaled back over time, would avoid burning out. The art of efficient running technique was essentially broken down: to tone down the newly learned action and not to be too gazelle like in your enthusiastic approach to your smoother, faster running style.

Good luck out there.


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