Ski Fitness Courses

Ski Fitness Course


Don’t Panic

We have created a 2x  6 week intensive course that will wake up that skiers body.

Ski Fitness experts offer both exercise and advice to prepare your body for the slopes. The Courses are designed to prevent: 

  • Muscle soreness, costing you time and pleasure 
  • Injuries, caused by unconditioned muscles


Ski Fitness will: 

  • Increase your mobility, balance, strength and endurance 
  • Enable you to get the most out of your holiday 
  • Progress your skiing further, by practicing for longer with more confidence 
  • Give you endurance to take the first and last chair lift 
  • Increase your ability to recover faster 


The series of stretches and strengthening exercises have been specifically designed for skiers. Our exercises are designed to increase your optimal range of motion and strength across the key joints used while skiing. There is an emphasis on independent leg strength and control. We also have the added benefit of using Power Plate technology using Vibration to accelerate lower body performance. 



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