Starting a Fitness Regime

New Year, Same You, Be Smarter

We at Vibe Fitness Bath don’t do New Years Resolutions as we come across this story every year. A night out is planned around the Christmas time which usually involves usually a few sherberts with friends in which a half hearted plan is scribbled down on the back of a beer matt, this person in question would have made a decision that a change would have to happen at the start each year. The pit falls are the goal itself is Usually unrealistic or something that doesn’t mean enough to individual for them to change, they like the idea but not enough to action it or they either forget what they said or they simply haven’t planned it in enough depth. This Yo yo intension is set up to fail. We say New year , same you! Be smarter.

Below is good way to get started


Tips for setting up a fitness regime Get started – plan, plan, plan!

• Be clear about your goals and date your targets

• Give yourself (realistic!) milestones to reach

• Tell friends and family about them so you don’t back out!

• Treat yourself to some one-to-one time with a personal trainer

• Get a fitness programme specific to your requirements

• Keep your programme up to date

• Book in regular check ups with your personal trainer

Be organised – make it count!

• Plan the week’s sessions in your diary

• Make sure your gym kit’s ready, running watch/heart rate monitor charged

• Remember to warm up, cool down and stretch

• Treat yourself to regular massages to help muscle recovery

• Prepare healthy meals and snacks in advance (80/20 rule)

• Set a bed time rule to ensure optimal rest (7-8 hours/night ideally)

Stay motivated – review and reward!

• Use mobile phone apps to record progress

• Have a visual reminder to get out and train – hang up that little black dress where you can see it!

• Exercise to music (be careful when running outdoors)

• Try something new – do a group fitness class or be active with your friends/family

• Set benchmarks, such as entering a fitness event

• Get feedback from your personal trainer on your progress

• Reward yourself when you reach your goals!

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