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LD - 1 year Journey

“Fit before I am 40” – a year in the hands of Vibe Fitness Bath

On the 4thof January 2012, I embarked on a ‘get fit before I am 40’ campaign.  Having had 3 kids and not really done much exercise for the last 10 years, my weight was becoming a real issue and my skirt size was rapidly increasing.  I took a long hard look in the mirror and decided this was really not a good look.

Persuaded by a friend, I joined a boot camp and began twice a week at 7am.  For an hour I sweated and groaned under the direction of Simon Ridley, PT trainer (and taskmaster).  I also began to moderate my diet.  I cut out bread and pasta and gave up drinking alcohol through the week .  I also supplemented my boot camp with some running and then invested in one-on-one personal training.  After all this effort the weight began to come off and more importantly I started to feel fitter and happier than I had done in years.

I also got back into cycling and started to set myself mini-challenges, a sprint

Brandshatch 2012

Brandshatch 2012

triathlon, a long bike ride etc anything which pushed my boundaries.  Getting fit was no longer about being 40 it was about a change in my state of mind.   With higher energy levels my productivity and general motivation improved in the office as well.  I also made a new circle of friends by picking up my cycling again.

By working with the Vibe Fitness team and choosing to work with an experienced personal trainer, I have kept motivated all year and it has also shaped my training towards my own personal goals as well as trimmed up specific body areas.  I really don’t believe I would have achieved my goals without them.

After about six or seven months,  I was beginning to feel pretty good about myself having dropped the best part of two stone and two dress sizes, I was not looking bad either.   However, I was disappointed that some of my friends had started making remarks such as “I think you have gone too far now” and “ You are looking a bit ill”.  Initially, I was quite upset and thought the remarks were a little hurtful but gradually I have come to realise that they really don’t matter.

What matters is how I feel; this is not about anyone else.  I have a structured training programme in place and what’s more a very experienced trainer who would tell me if I was overdoing it.  The bottom line is I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been.

When I started this fitness campaign one year ago, I was 12st 8 (heavier than my 6ft 1 husband!) now, I weigh 10st 6lb which is about right for my height which is just shy of 5ft 8in.  Body fat is below average for my age at around 19%.  I am also now a size 10.  Perhaps more importantly I feel I have got my old life back after having had my children.  I am certainly more confident and happy in myself than I have been in years and what’s more I am not stopping now - after all I will only be 39 next month!

With thanks to @simonridleypt @vibefitnessbath @paulransomept and @joeyrossipt

Linda Donaldson


KM Lifestyle

Keith weight loss to marathon

Keith weight loss to marathon

He’s knackered me! I do miss putting feet up with a large bag of Doritos and a good movie – ahh bliss!

Alternatively –

Joey’s unique, he is the world’s best listener and totally non-judgemental – just what you need when you on the cusp of doing what you sort of know you need to do, but are yet to commit.

A proficiency in nutrition, a passion for good food and healthy cooking and a love of the outdoors are infectious and blend this up with good humour and you are on to a win win for all concerned. By the way Diabetes – gone, weight – gone, lethargy – god I miss those days!


Keith Makepiece

SC Lifestyle

I'€™d absolutely recommend. Paul is the best personal trainer I'€™ve ever used. He'€™s been instrumental in my fitness programme. I'€™ve lost 2 stone, feel very fit, due to him, both exercise and nutritional advice and its all been achieved in a 6 months period. It is absolutely brilliant. I was never a fitness person at all, never went to the gym he made the whole thing very enjoyable. His professionalism is just excellent and that is due to his kn

owledge - he is very personable and he makes the whole thing fun. I use him twice a week mainly using the powerplate.

Sara Child happy customer

Sara Child happy customer

A lot of people will say this: You have this good intention and you pay a gym membership, you don'€™t know how to use the equipment properly, or there are lots of fit people and you think I can'€™t be bothered. Having a one to one trainer you have an appointment with you see the results very quickly and it is very cost effective.

If you'€™re a complete beginner and think '€˜oh I'€™m not fit and won'€™t go to the gym'€™ he would be the perfect person to go and see but also good if you'€™re very fit '€“ he trains professional sports people a well. Also would like to say that each powerplate session is only half an hour but it counts as a normal hour'€™s workout so it fits well into busy people'€™s working schedules.

Sara Child


DB Lifestyle

Mr. Simon Ridley has been my personal trainer for a year and I’m glad of it.  When I met Simon I was not fit:  Neither was I strong or flexible; my endurance was poor. I spent a lot of time tired. My wife found me bad tempered.

I am a doctor at the Mineral Hospital in Bath and my hours, and a bunch of other excuses, prevented from committing to an exercise programme.  However, more or less continuous low back pain and a short-lived stroke suggested that time certainly should have been found and it would have been much wiser to practice what I preached to others.

It was in one of the classes that I first met Simon.  Simon runs a ‘core stability’ class each Friday. When I joined it I had no idea what it was but you soon learn. It all about the stabilizing muscles. His regime of repetition with simple step wise increments proves an excellent way of steadily increasing strength, flexibility and endurance.

Having got over my initial anxieties, I asked Simon if he would be my personal trainer and over the ensuing year he has advised and supported me.  Simon is motivating and conscientious; he spends considerable time thinking out exercise regimes that will help overcome physical limitations. He is a stickler for correct form and, because of this, improvements come relatively quickly and of the risk injury lessened. He also makes it fun and a family affair.

It has been an excellent journey and one that I will continue.  My back problems and disabilities are now settling nicely and I look forward to new physical challenges in the coming year.

How much fitter am I? A year ago the slope of Gay St was a test at 100 yards; now the mile and half of Lansdown Hill is easy. My resting pulse was 90 a minute and now 55. My blood pressure which was raised is now normal and, a bonus, I weigh 3 stone less. I am still bad tempered…what do you expect miracles?

I will continue this journey and recommend it to others.  It turns out to be true, the hardest step on any journey is the first one. If you have good excuses for not starting, find better ones for getting on with it. You will probably live longer.


DavidR Blake MB. Ch B. FRCP 

Winner in Town

Winner in Town

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