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Need Expert advice to Balance the scales?

Our team of fitness experts and nutrition partners will give you a start to restoring balance. Our 4 week course will set you a great foundation to build from. 

We know that weight loss for health and wellbeing is a topic that can be confusing, and lead off into many directions to achieve a better you. Our aim is to simplify this, and clear up misconceptions about weight loss and dieting.  

The course starts with a consultation that gives us a clear picture of your physical and mental health. We take the time to listen to your current lifestyle habits and offer balanced solutions. 

  • Easy to follow food facts 
  • Advice on making healthier choices 
  • The right exercise regime to achieve the results you desire 

Balancing the Scales will:

Making smart food choices 

  • Motivation to make positive changes in many life aspects 
  • Give you more energy 
  • Improve quality of sleep 
  • Lose fat 
  • Gain muscle 
  • Reflect on habits 
  • Be a positive role model


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Winner in Town

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