What we offer at Vibe Fitness Bath

What Vibe Fitness Bath offers

We have a whole host of fitness programmes at Vibe Fitness Bath and one if not all of them will suite your needs.

Personal training

This is the ultimate Focus, planning a structure to optimise your true potential  Time is key, Vibe Fitness Bath are a group of personal trainers that strongly believe you have to make the most of it.

Their bespoke programmes are tailor made to ensure you get the most out of each training session. Whether you are doing a one of their weight loss & Nutrition sessions, Focus Boxing Pad session or discovering your core strength. Each session is clearly set out and will want you coming back for more.

UTS Bath

It brings together some of the most popular group exercise workouts including running, outdoor boot camp and studio circuits, ensuring you burn fat, get fit and have fun. Expect to use all of the latest equipment to deliver results, including TRX®, ViPR® as well as the classics like Kettle bells.

Kick Start 6

The kickstart 6 programme covers all bases with our fitness team and Renee McGregor a registered Dietician. The programme combines one to one training, group training sessions, online support and a comprehensive nutrition plan. We believe this formula gives the kick start needed for lasting change.

Online Coaching

Vibe Fitness Bath offers more with our out reach online clients you can now train with us anywhere. endurance training events, bespoke sports that require forward planning, training logs are essential for progress. Our motivation, support and accountability factor gets you results. We are proud to able to offer online support with skpe, voxer  for verbal and visual support. We use Training peaks and Trainerize platforms to help clients achieve. So if you can’t visit us locally, then this is a great option.

Massage therapy

Ease those aches and pains, and to understand injury prevention or preparation for a half marathon/ triathlon. The team at Vibe Fitness Bath work together on getting you physically in shape for any eventuality.


If you’re searching for ways to improve your own performance to even challenging Olympic champions or just want a realistic ride without having to go out in the rain, Wattbike can take you there, It will certainly boost your fitness levels. If you enjoy spinning and are looking to excel out on the road or track, then this will take you to the next level. The Wattbike monitors everything you need to know about your cycling and will help to track progress. Vibe Fitness Bath are proud to offer 2 Wattbike Trainer models and the latest Wattbike Pro.

Power Plate

Vibe Fitness Bath is pleased to be bringing the revolutionary ‘Power Plate’ to Bath.
Step on this amazing device and experience a fast, energising work out that really works and does it fast!

The team at Vibe Fitness Bath use this tool in many ways, from aiding in recovery, improving balance to action packed sequences. Their on hand with dedicated advice and support to ensure you take full advantage of its exercising and slimming power

Express training solutions

This time saving focused workout makes the most of out of your time, whether you need a stretch or want to work on that torso. Their 20 minute express workouts are another option to consider supplementing your training, using the power plate to speed your training up. The workouts are tailor made to you, from as little at £5.00.

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