Personal training

We guide, teach and encourage good habits so that you can benefit from consistency; this helps deliver lasting change. It's not difficult once you get on the right track. Read more about our approach below, or get in touch to arrange a consultation.


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Take time for yourself and look at the big picture, ask those questions that will have you searching deep for the answers and find answers you may have to wrestle with. Be accountable and have an independent view of your life. Planning is vital, spend time on your own, discover yourself, listen to what your body needs. Learn from mistakes. Step back and get in tune with yourself. Step forward to learn and thrive. We aim to put ourselves in your shoes, help you take that mindset leap and devise a realistic plan.


We recognise that the daily grind can lead to exercising falling by the way side, more pressing commitments can take over your time to look after yourself. Learning to push yourself, to capture and unlock your true potential, can be tricky. Rely on will power alone and you could be in for a bumpy ride. Routine, and staying consistent are the way to go. Eliminate the distractions and make yourself accountable to someone you highly regard and you're on the road to success. 

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You are ready to move forward, your head is in the right place. We look at where you are currently and line that up with where you want to be. Our work begins now. We access your capabilities, through a wide range of complimentary techniques, that will give you (and us) a clear picture of frequency, intensity, time and what type of movement is essential for you to be heading in the right direction. 



What other people say.


I have been training with them for 10 years. Still here and still a lean, mean fighting machine!

Gill B


The team got me back on track to fitness. Energy, enthusiasm and expertise, all with a smile.

Jess B