The team

Get to know us, where we’ve come from, and what makes us tick.



Simon Ridley

Simon has been lucky enough to have been exposed to a huge variety of sports, and when it comes to helping others in the gym he takes this experience to guide people to achieve their goals. He understands that to move well we must change our mindset and overcome the urge to sit back, especially as we age. Simon can help you get back on track following a set back or injury, and help you stay supple and strong to ensure you stay happy and as active for as long as possible.

'Movement is your medicine'



Joey Rossi

Joey understands our daily challenges to live healthily whilst juggling a busy lifestlye with friends and family. He strives to make the healthy choices easy for his clients (and himself), helping restore and maintain balance. Joey’s focus is to train, advise and motivate every client to achieve a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle.

'Just add effort'





Paul Ransome

Paul is a level 3 personal trainer, level 2 British Triathlon Coach, GB age group triathlete and World Championship finisher. For 15 years he's been on the front line of helping people achieve their goals. He’s a firm believer in the saying ‘Make It Happen’. Paul helps clients recognise their potential, and then achieve it through focused nutrition and exercise programs, helping them to ‘Make It Happen’




Jemma Lowe

Jemma competed at a world class level for over ten years, competing in 3 Olympic finals for GB in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, breaking records along the way. After retiring from competitive swimming, Jemma joined Vibe Fitness and now enjoys helping other achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Jemma believes everyone can reach their goals if they truly commit, but the journey also needs to be enjoyable, which is why she strives to make her sessions varied, challenging and fun! 

‘Be Good to Yourself’