Our partners

Our partners are unique connections in the comminutity that share our belief that everyone should move to make them feel well. Together we make achieving your goals easier and more enjoyable.


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Sporting Family Change 

Partnership with SFC Charity in their H.O.P.E project 

Exclusive access to our facility and our environment as an alternative to the more image focussed intimidating gym set up. Putting people in contact, with face-to-face communication at the forefront of teaching skills. It gives individuals and small groups a chance to bond and develop as a community, to grow with lasting change. 


Jemma Lowe heads up our connection with Swimpath. Leading the next generation of swimmers, our partnership with Jemma links training development through her swimming camps. We are looking to run workshops for those looking to improve their swimming in the near future.


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Bath tennis club

A newly formed partnership. Vibe have reached out to support Bath Tennis Club in bringing the community of Bath together through the inclusion of sport and offering professional advice and support in movement classes, planned for 2018-2019. Classes will be run periodically through the tennis season, led by Simon .The team at Vibe Fitness have contributed towards kitting out the club with training equipment to support and aid moving well to complement the physical demands of the sport. 

Back on Track

Our longest formed partnership is with Adeleine Miller. Her services complement and further the ability to move well in sport and daily living whilst promoting an active lifestyle. Her services in sport injury and remedial work provide a smooth transition from rehabilitation to moving freely. 



Urban Endurance

Urban Endurance is a team of like-minded, passionate coaches, trainers and athletes driven to achieve their personal best. Triathlon coach, Paul Ransome, leads the way supported by personal trainers Joey Rossi, Simon Ridley and Jemma Lowe. Their mission is to help you unlock your true athletic potential. 

Jo Bridger Nutrition

Jo Bridger is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and long-time member of the V-Fit community. Jo is offering exclusive discounted packages for our members and clients to help you lose weight, support your fitness goals and learn how food impacts your long term health.



Meet the team.

The three of us have been working in the fitness industry as trainers, coaches and athletes for a combined 25 years.  Over this time we’ve built skills, communities and partnerships that come together to form Vibe Fitness.