Vibe fitness is the new energetic training facility that offers highly professional personal training in Bath.

The team at Vibe Fitness Bath offer one to one and group personal training experiences that will unlock your true potential and have you coming back for more. Whether you looking at triathlon, table tennis, skiing or living pain free  vibe fitness Bath can cater for you.

Vibe Fitness Bath is a new energetic training facility located in central Bath, only a 5 minute walk from the train station. They have over 25 years combined in the fitness field. Their services provide clients with bespoke training programmes, that look at the whole health cycle to plan and structure goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and in time frame that works under each individual.

Redefine yourself with what we offer

  • Watt Bike
  • Power Plate
  • Group Training
  • Urban Training
  • Personal training
  • Massage Therapy
  • Express training solutions
  • Remote Coaching

With our knowledge, experience and dedicated support we’ll help you reach, keep and exceed your health and fitness goals. They have a varied approach dependent on your training needs, so whether you need in depth training support, and tailor made programming or just want to feel good and live pain free, they tailor make their training services around you.

Wiggle it like Wiggins on our Watt Bike

vibe fitness bath and bradley wiggins   Tour de France winner and Olympic legend Bradley Wiggins trains on a Watt bike. Vibe fitness Bath has a Watt bike ergo you could become the next yellow jersey holder! Even if the olympics aren’t your goal Watt Bike training is incredibly cool and scientifically excellent. We have the only Watt Bike in Bath and its ready and waiting for you to give it a blast.

Redesign like Danni on our Powerplate

vibe fitness bath with danni minogue on power plate
Danni Minogue,  Elle Macpherson and Cheryl Cole,  all use Power Plate and you can too. Powerplate is seen as the market leader and premium product in the Acceleration Training market and Vibe Fitness uses the top of the range ‘Power Plate pro5 AIRDAPTIVE’. Whatever your reasons for getting in – and staying in – shape Vibe Fitness will find a routine and workout to fit in with your needs. If you’re in the Bath / North Somerset / West Wiltshire area and want to experience Power Plate for yourself get in touch with us now and take the first step towards a slimmer, fitter you!

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